iPhone 14 case vs iPhone 15 case: The Answer Found Here!

iPhone 14 case vs iPhone 15 case

You might be in luck if you’re OK with a slightly looser fit. If you’re upgrading to a new iPhone, you’ll likely need to get a new case, too. Every year, there’s a glimmer of hope that old cases might still work with the new iPhones, and this year isn’t any different.

While last year’s and this year’s iPhones may appear quite similar at first glance, there are some distinctions. The four models of iPhone 15 all feature new “contoured edges,” meaning that the phones’ edges now flow more seamlessly into the back. In essence, the corners and edges of the iPhone 15 (including the Pro) are more rounded than the iPhone 14 (and its counterparts). While these changes might seem subtle, they do impact how securely the cases attach.

The big difference in design only affects the Pros. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have a new action button instead of the old mute switch. So, in most cases, the older models might need to fit better with these new ones.

Will an iPhone 14 case fit an iPhone 15?

iPhone ModelHeightWidthThicknessWeight
iPhone 145.78 in – (146.7mm)2.81 in – (71.5mm)0.31 in – (7.8mm)172g – (6.07 oz)
iPhone 155.81 in – (147.6mm)2.82 in – (71.6mm)0.31 in – (7.8mm)171g – (6.03 oz)
iPhone 14 and 15 dimensions

A case designed for an iPhone 14 will technically fit on an iPhone 15, but it won’t provide the snug fit you’re likely looking for.

While the iPhone 14 and 15 share functionally identical width and thickness, there’s a bit more deviation in height. The iPhone 15 is 0.03 inches taller than the iPhone 14. That’s only about the width of a credit card, but it’s enough to create a little extra play in the fit on top of the issues with the new contoured body.

Even though some differences appear minor, iPhone cases are made with such precision that even those minor differences are enough to mean cases designed for the iPhone 14 will not fit the iPhone 15.

Will an iPhone 14 Plus case fit an iPhone 15 Plus?

iPhone ModelHeightWidthThicknessWeight
iPhone 14 Plus6.33 in – (160.8mm)3.07 in – (78.1mm)0.31 in – (7.8mm)203g– (6.07oz)
iPhone 15 Plus6.33 in – (160.9mm)3.06 in – (77.8mm)0.31 in – (7.8mm)201g – (7.9oz)
iPhone 14 Plus and 15 Plus dimensions

Take a look at the chart above; the dimensions appear to be the same. When attempting to fit an iPhone 14 case onto an iPhone 15, you’ll notice that the camera aligns appropriately at the back, the side buttons are easy to press with appropriate cutouts for the alert toggle, the bottom cutouts for USB-C and speakers are aligned, and it fits well at the front. So, you can save some money by purchasing an iPhone 14 Plus case for your iPhone 15 Plus. If you need help deciding which cases to buy, here’s our top recommendation.

iPhone 14 pro case vs 15 pro

In our last article, we talked about whether an iPhone 14 Pro case can fit an iPhone 15 Pro. Unfortunately, it won’t work because changes in iPhone design have affected how accessories fit. More information: “Will the iPhone 14 Pro Case Fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

Will an iPhone 14 Pro Max case fit an iPhone 15 Pro Max?

iPhone ModelHeightWidthThicknessWeight
iPhone 14 Pro Max6.33 in – (160.7mm)3.06 in – (77.6mm)0.31 in – (7.85mm)240g – (8.47 oz)
iPhone 15 Pro Max6.30 in – (159.9mm)3.02 in – (76.7mm)0.33 in – (8.25mm)221g – (7.80 oz)
iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max dimensions

Similar to the smaller Pro models, the dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max are quite alike. However, the newer iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts smoother and more contoured edges, resulting in older cases not fitting as snugly. Yet, the most significant distinction is introducing a new action button in the new models, which can become partially obstructed when using an old case.

If you’re after the best iPhone 15 cases, you’ll want to find one that ticks all the boxes. It should be easy to put on, fit snugly, durable, and have a quality design. Plenty of other cases are available with features like MagSafe charging and premium materials.


Does the iPhone 14 screen protector fit 15?

A screen protector designed for the iPhone 14 won’t fit perfectly on an iPhone 15 screen. Even though both phones have a listed 6.1-inch display size, their dimensions are slightly different.

Can I use my charger from iPhone 14 to 15?

Technically, you can charge your new iPhone using the old chargers as long as they are in perfect condition. However, if your old charger is not in good condition, you must purchase a separate charger, as it will not be included in the box when you buy it.

Can I still use wired headphones with iPhone 15?

Since the iPhone 15 doesn’t have a headphone jack, grab the Apple USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter. It’s one of the best ways to directly plug your headphones into your iPhone.

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