How to pair beats solo 3 with Samsung tv

You can either use the Built-in Bluetooth of Beats solo 3 or use an Auxiliary cable to connect with your Samsung tv.

But many peoples still struggle to connect their beats solo 3 with Samsung tv. So, in this article, I will guide you that how you can connect your Beats Solo 3 with your Samsung Tv.

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Pair beats solo 3 with Samsung Smart TVs:

If you are going for Bluetooth connectivity between these two devices then there are a few things to make sure of:

  • Firstly make sure that your Headphones are compatible with your Samsung Smart TV. you can look through the manual of your product or look up the model number of both devices online to check this.
  • Next, your Samsung tv has Bluetooth connectivity.

If all of the above conditions are satisfied, you can connect your solo 3 to a Samsung smart TV; otherwise, you’ll need an aux cable.

Pair beats solo 3 to Samsung Smart TV using Bluetooth:

Put your beats solo 3 in pairing or discoverable mode you have to press the Power button until you see all the LED Fuel Gauge lights blink.

Now if you have Series R, N, and M Samsung TVs then

  • go to Settings > then select Sound >open the Sound Output and Here select Bluetooth Speaker List.

or if you have Series K Samsung TVs then

  • Open the Settings > then click on the Sound >open the Expert Settings > Scroll down and select option label as Wireless Speaker Manager> open the Bluetooth Audio Devices and select the beats solo 3 from the list.

that’s it. Now your Beats Solo 3 and Samsung TV are successfully paired and you can enjoy the sound.

Pair beats solo 3 with Samsung Smart TV using an Auxiliary cable:

If you don’t have a Bluetooth connection then you can go for an Auxiliary cable to connect these devices.

Just take an Auxiliary cable and connect the headphone jack of your beats solo 3 to the Aux input of your Samsung TV.

Now open the Settings > then Sound >open the Sound Output and Here select Aux.

Examine the sound coming from your beats solo 3 while playing something on your Samsung TV. if yes then it means your connection is successful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Beats Solo 3 work with smart TV?

The short answer is yes. but it also depends on the model of your tv. you can either use Bluetooth or an Auxiliary cable to Beats Solo 3 to work with a smart TV. Also, you can also pair beats solo3 Wireless with other devices such as Laptops, iPhones, or MacBooks.

Can Beats Solo 3 wireless connect to Samsung?

Yes, You can pair Beats Solo 3 wireless to any Samsung device that has Bluetooth capabilities. If your device does not have Bluetooth, you can still use an Aux cable to connect the two devices.

Why are my Beats not connecting to Bluetooth?

There are a few reasons why your Beats might not be connecting to Bluetooth. First, your Beats are not in discoverable mode, Secondly, it is not turned on, lastly, your beats may not have the latest firmware. Try to reset your beats if there is another issue with your headphones.


Whatever you have the k, R, N, and M Series Samsung TV model you can connect your beats solo 3 with it by following the methods that are mentioned in this article.