How To Wear Bose Soundsport Free For Workout

One of the most common complaints about earbuds is that they fall out. This can be especially frustrating when you’re working out or running.

There are many chances that you will think of not wearing them again while working out. But do you think it’s worth giving up on such a great music experience during your exercise? Nope!

There are many earbuds like xFyro xS2, AfterShokz Air, and many more that are specially designed earbuds that stay in your small ear while you are working out.

But if you are using the Bose Soundsport Free earbuds, they are sweat and water-resistant for your workout sessions, then there is a little trick to keep them in place. ​Here I am going to discuss how to wear Bose Soundsport free headphones for a workout.

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Buy Perfect Earbuds For Your Ears

The best way to ensure that your earbuds will not fall out during a workout is to buy earbuds that are designed for your ears. There are many different earbud shapes and sizes, so it is important to find the ones that fit your ears perfectly.

If you have small ears, you will want to buy earbuds that are specifically designed for small ears. There are many different brands that make earbuds and headphones that don’t hurt your ears, such as xFyro, AfterShokz, and Bose.

If you have large ears, you will want to buy earbuds that have a large ear-tip. This will help to ensure that the earbuds fit comfortably in your ears and prevent earbuds keep falling out.

Many people acquire their earphones through a friend, the internet, or a television advertisement. But how many individuals do research on their wireless earbuds before buying them? 

First Make sure that you purchase earbuds that do not fall out of your ears and are comfortable for you to wear during workouts, or while running, cycling, or hiking.

How to wear earbuds properly and pick the best earbud tips:

The following points will help you to maximize your Bose Soundsport Free earbud-wearing experience and get the best output of sound quality, noise-canceling function, and bass effect during your intense workout sessions.

  • Wear the headphones correctly.
  • Select the earbud tips that are most suitable for you.

So before further ado let’s right dive into it.

Wear the headphones correctly:

To wear the earbuds you have to insert the earbud into your ear. Each earbud has a left and right marker on it to indicate which side is for which ear.

Now you have to gently push and twist or rotate the earbud tips into your ear canal. It is important to make sure that the ear tips fit snugly in your ear canal. However, rotating or twisting far back, sound quality will be impacted. 

Next, make sure the ear tips seal off the opening of your ear canal so that to Direct the sound towards the earbuds. 

After that, you have to stick the top of the earbud tips wing under your ear ridge.

earbuds fitting buds pic
Source: Bose

You have to perform the same procedure to insert the second earbud.

Orientation of the Earbuds:

When you are wearing your Bose earbuds, it is important to be sure that the orientation of the ear tips is correct.  

If the ear tips are not incorrect, it can cause the earbuds to fall out or create an uncomfortable fit during your workouts. 

Here are the tips for the best orientation of Bose Soundsport free earbuds.

  • Good Orientation: if the Logo on the earbuds is pointed toward the mouth/chin then earbuds cause less ear fatigue and are more stable in the ear.
best way to wear bose earbuds
Image by: Bose
  • Okay Orientation: If the logo of the earbuds points toward the lower neck, means more vertical it can cause you a little bit of ear fatigue and they may fall out easier.
How to wear the bose earbuds during workouts
Source: Bose
  • Poor Orientation: if the logo is pointed toward the bridge of the nose means more horizontally can lead to a poor sound experience and they may fall out easier.
bad way to wear bose headphones
Source: Bose
  • Bad Orientation: If the logo is pointing toward the eyes means you insert your earbuds more than the horizontal position. This will cause ear fatigue, the sound quality will be poor and they can fall out during your workouts or on running. 

Examining the Fitness of Eartips

When it comes to ear tips, there are a variety of shapes and sizes from which to choose. The size and shape of the ear tip will affect the fit of the earbuds in your ear. So How do use earbuds trip properly?

Make sure the earbud is in its correct orientation before adding it to your ear. 

Use a mirror to double-check that the earbud has been rotated appropriately, that the edge of the wing has been tucked behind your ear, and that you’re using the proper ear tip size for each ear.

There are three potential ear tip fits.

Proper Fit:

It means when your earbuds tips fit correctly in your ear.

However, The ear tip softly rests at the entrance of your ear canal, providing a pleasant seal. So that all the background noises should reduce. Noise cancellation has the potential to make it more difficult to hear something faint. 

Moreover, Your ear tip wing doesn’t stick out or feel squished against your ear ridge.

Much Big than Your Ear :

When your earbud’s tips are too big for your ear then,

  • Your ear canal feels squeezed by the ear tip.
  • Also, the ear tip wing is protruding under your ear ridge. This can cause discomfort and decreased sound quality. The earbud will also be more likely to fall out of your ear.

Very Small:

When the ear tip is too tiny:

  • The ear tip will not form a tight seal in your ear canal and you’ll hear less bass. 
  • The earbud may also fall out of your ear more easily with the movement of the head during workouts. 
  • Also, the wing of the ear tip didn’t approach your ear ridge.

Try another ear tip size

Humans have different ear canals, so not everyone will have the same fit with the default ear tips that come with the earbuds. 

If you find that the default tips don’t provide a snug fit, try switching to the other ear tip sizes that come with the package. 

The sizes are mention on the bottom of each ear tip with a 1 (small), 2 (medium), or 3 (large) number.

Each earbud comes with size 2 ear tips, if this size doesn’t fit then try the size 3. If size 3 feels too tight then try size 1.

For a brief period, Bose is testing new StayHear Max ear tip sizes including Size 0, Size 1+, and Size 2+ to see whether they provide better noise cancellation and ease in the cleaning procedure.