How to Fix JLAB Earbuds Not Charging? (JLAB Executive, GO Air, Sport)

So your JLAB Earbuds are not charging, or one of the earbuds is acting up after a couple of months of use? Fret not, we are there to help.

Like all affordable earbuds, they come with their fair share of caveats and one of the most common issues is that they stop charging after a few months of use.

I was familiar with the problem as I had read several reviews online. And yet, I decided to give them a try. After all, the $30 price tag wasn’t too much to lose.

I own the JLAB Go Air True Wireless Earbuds, and they worked pretty fine for the first few months. But then, one day I noticed that the charging case wasn’t working as it should.

I tried a couple of fixes, and a few of them worked for me. That’s when the idea of this guide came up.

Why Won’t my JLab Earbuds Charge and How to Fix it?

If your JLAB earbuds are not charging, then it is most likely due to one of the following reasons: The charging cable or ports are damaged, earwax or dirt is clogging the charging ports, or the battery is damaged.

If your JLAB earbuds have not been charged for a long time, then it is possible that the battery has completely drained out and would take longer than usual to charge up again. In this scenario, you don’t have to worry much.

Below, I have added all the methods that helped me fix my JLAB earbuds charging issues. Go through each method one by one and see which one works for you. These fixes also work for:

  • JLAB Go Air (POP, True, Sport)
  • JLAB Epic Air (ANC, Sport)
  • JLAB Fit Sport 3
  • JLAB Executive Earbuds

1. Check the Charging Case:

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JLAB Eabuds charge within the case using a micro-USB cable. The first thing you should do is to check if the charging case is blinking or it has completely stopped responding. If the case has stopped responding, then it is either the charging cable or port that is damaged or filled with debris.

The damaged charging cable is bad news. However, if it is dirty, then you can try to clean it with a toothbrush. In most cases, that should do the trick and your JLAB earbuds case will start charging again.

You can also try different charging bricks with the JLAB earbuds to see if that makes any difference. The company recommends that you use a 5 Volt/1 A charging adaptor with the cable.

2. Check the Connection

It can be that the JLAB earbuds are not properly seated in the charging case. In this scenario, take out the earbuds and put them back in the case. Make sure they are placed in the right position and try charging again.

You can apply a little pressure on the top to make sure that the contacts of the JLAB earbuds are making a good connection with the charging pins inside the case.

Also, clean the terminals present on both the earbuds and case. Use a dry toothbrush or a cotton swab and alcohol to remove any dirt or debris. After cleaning, try charging again. Most users have found this method to work like a charm.

3. Charge the JLAB Earbuds Overnight

If you haven’t charged your JLAB earbuds for a long time, then it is possible that the battery has completely drained out.

In this case, you will have to charge your JLAB earbuds overnight or maybe a little longer than usual. Just put the earbuds in the case, and forget about it for a while as you sleep.

4. Try Charging the Earbuds Manually:

This step is quite controversial and if you still have a few months in warranty, then I would not recommend it. But, if you are out of warranty or just want to give it a try (at your own risk), then go ahead.

Some JLAB earbuds users have found success by charging the dead earbuds using an external 1.5 battery and charging cables. The steps are simple. You will have to connect the charging terminals on the earbuds to the positive and negative poles of the battery using cables.

Once the earbuds get the surface charge and start juicing up, you can put them in a fully charged case and let them charge overnight. This will help the JLAB earbuds to gain back their full charge.

Try this method only if you are comfortable working with batteries and cables as it can be a bit tricky. Also, there is always a possibility that something might go wrong and you end up damaging your JLAB earbuds for good.

5. Get them Replaced:

JLAB covers its earbuds under a one-year warranty. So, if you are still facing JLAB earbuds charging issues and none of the methods mentioned above have worked for you, then it is most likely that the battery has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

The best way to go about it would be to contact JLAB customer support and get a replacement. There is no need to waste any more time trying to fix the problem on your own as it is very likely that you will end up damaging the earbuds even further.

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These were some of the methods that helped me fix my JLAB earbuds not charging issue. I hope at least one of these solutions worked for you as well.

I fixed my JLAB earbuds’ charging issues by thoroughly cleaning the terminals and properly seating the earbuds in the case.

However, if there had been any hardware issues, I would have simply claimed a warranty and got them replaced.


What should I do if my JLAB Earbuds are not charging?

Clean the charging pins. When we use our earbuds, they pick up earwax and oils from our ears, and sometimes, this wax and oil combo accumulates over the charging pins and blocks their contact with the charging case. Every once in a while, you should thoroughly clean both your earbuds and the charging case with a soft tissue or cloth.

What if the charging cable is damaged?

Most of the JLab earbud charging cases have a fixed attached USB cable, so you don’t need a separate USB cable to plug it into a charger or laptop USB port. If the cable or USB connector gets damaged, your entire case is useless. If your earbuds stop charging suddenly, check the condition of the attached cable and the end USB connector1.

What if none of these solutions work?

If none of these solutions work, it might be a good idea to contact JLab’s customer support for further assistance.