Are Samsung Earbuds good for small ears? (Answered)

People with small ears may have difficulty finding earbuds that fit well and comfortably. The problem exacerbates when the earbuds must fit snugly to create a good seal for noise cancellation. This can cause pain and discomfort after prolonged use. And during workouts, earbuds that don’t fit well can fall out easily.

Samsung earbuds are a good option for people with small ears. The company offers several models of earbuds that come with different-sized ear tips. This ensures that you can find a pair that fits well and stays in place, even during intense workouts. In addition, Samsung’s earbuds are some of the most comfortable on the market and they offer great sound quality.

Some Samsung models, such as the Galaxy Buds 2, are currently some of the smallest earbuds on the market. Apart from their unique design, they come with customizable eartips. This allows for a more comfortable and secure fit that is perfect for people with small ears.

Now that, you know that Samsung earbuds are good for small ears, you can go ahead and choose the perfect model for you.

Best Samsung Earbuds For Small Ears:

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are the smallest and lightest earbuds from the Korean Based Gaint. They are truly wireless and come with customizable silicone eartips for a comfortable, secure fit, especially for people with small ears. Thanks to their neatly engineered design, most people will find them perfectly sitting in the crevices of the ears.

The earbuds has active noise cancellation and can recognize single, double, and even triple tap. They have a built-in microphone which against our expectations works like a charm. The audio quality is clear during conference calls and zoom meetings. Samsung claims that it has a special algorithm that purges unnecessary background noise.

The sound quality is pretty rich and accurate. We have found the default sound profile quite balanced and the base quite rich.

The only major drawback is water-resistant which is just IPX2. We will think twice before using it in the rain, and use it with caution if we are sweating heavily. These Samsung Earbuds are not made to be used while swimming.

The battery life is decent as well. Earbuds will give you around 7.5 hours of playtime with ANC turned off. With it on, you’ll get reduced to 5 hours but that’s still not too shabby. And if you’re in a pinch and need some quick juice, 3 minutes of charge will give you another hour of playtime. The case can extend the battery performance to 20 hours.

Do Galaxy buds fit all ears?

Galaxy Buds are a bit on the larger side so they might not fit everyone’s ears equally well. The good news is that Samsung has included 3 different-sized EarGels in the box so you can try out each one and see which fits your ears the best. However, you still might find them oversized to sit inside your crevices.

Alternatively, Galaxy Buds 2 might be a better-fitting option as they are 15% smaller than the original Galaxy Buds.

Which Samsung buds are the smallest?

Galaxy Buds 2 are the smallest and lightest earbuds from Samsung to this date. They weigh only 5g, but don’t let the small footprint deceive you, these earbuds are powerhouses when it comes to sound quality and features.

Do Galaxy Buds Pro fall out when running?

Galaxy Buds Pro doesn’t fall out when running if you have the right size EarGels on. The EarGels are made of soft silicone and will adapt to the shape of your ear for a snug, comfortable fit.

A secure fit is important for any Earbuds, but it’s especially important when you’re moving around a lot, like when you’re running. If your Earbuds are loose, they can fall out and get lost, or worse, get damaged. Here the fault is not with the Galaxy Buds Pro, but with the user for not picking the right size EarGels.

We suggest you perform an Earbud Fit Test on your Galaxy Buds Pro before you go for a run. The Earbud fit test is a quick and easy way to make sure your Earbuds are fitted properly.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone and tap on Earbuds settings.
  2. Tap Earbud fit test.
  3. Wear your Galaxy Buds Pro as you normally would and tap start on your smartphone.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions: You might be asked to change the eartips or adjust the Galaxy Buds.
  5. Keep optimizing until you find the best fit for your ears.

Why do my Samsung earbuds keep falling out?

If your Samsung Earbuds keep falling out, it might be because they are not the right size for your ears. Most Samsung earbuds include 3 different-sized EarGels in the box so you can try out each one and see which fits your ears the best.

It is also possible that the EarGels are not inserted correctly. Make sure the EarGels are inserted all the way into the Earbuds until you hear a click.

If you’re still having trouble, we suggest you perform an Earbud fit test. The Earbud fit test is a quick and easy way to make sure your Earbuds are fitted properly.

How do I stop my Samsung buds from falling off?

Try using the hooks or grips whenever possible. Ear hooks or grips can help to keep your Earbuds in place and prevent them from falling off.

If you don’t have Ear hooks or grips, you can try using Ear tips that are larger than the normal eartip you prefer. It might hurt your ear for a while but it can provide better grip and stability.


We hope that this post helps you to find the best Samsung Earbuds for small ears. We also intend to answer all the questions that you may have related to Samsung Earbuds.