Why do My Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?

For many of us, using headphones and earbuds to listen to our favorite music, shows, and podcasts is an everyday activity. Moreover, these gadgets allow us to enjoy music without disturbing other people.

But what happens when your headphones start pausing the audio randomly? Surely this can be frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of enjoying a song or an episode.

But why does this happen? There are many reasons why your wireless headphones keep pausing music. One possibility is that the headphone jack on your device is loose.

Another possibility is that there are certain features like adaptive sound control, and speak-to-chat could be causing your headphones to pause music. Moreover, there is some kind of software bug that could be the main reason.

That’s why, in the following sections we would closer look at what’s causing these problems and how to solve them in further detail.

If a problem exists, there is always a solution. But if you don’t know the problem then how could you get to the solution?

Here are the 8 most common problems about why Bluetooth headphones keep pausing or wired headphones keep pausing music:

  • Loose or damaged headphone jack
  • Physical damage
  • Connectivity issues
  • Headphone settings
  • Outdated firmware or software bugs
  • Low Battery Level
  • Device compatibility
  • Internet Buffering

Brief Overview Of Headphones Issues

IssuePotential CausesPossible Solutions
Headphones Pause Music AutomaticallyFaulty headphone jack, software glitch, accidental touches or movementsCheck device settings, clean headphone jack, be mindful of how headphones are used
Headphones Keep Pausing iPhoneSoftware issue, problem with headphone jack or headphones themselvesUpdate software, check headphone jack, try different headphones
Headphones Keep Skipping SongsProblem with music app, headphones, or user errorCheck app settings, try different headphones, be mindful of controls
Wired Headphones Pausing MusicFaulty headphone jack, problem with wiring or play/pause buttonCheck headphone jack, consider replacing cord or headphones
Wireless Headphones Pause MusicConnectivity issues, battery life, problem with headphones’ built-in controlsCheck Bluetooth settings, charge headphones, be mindful of controls
Headphones Play Pause Button Not WorkingHardware issue with button, software issue with deviceCheck device settings, consider getting headphones repaired
Headphones Accidentally Pausing MusicAccidental touches or movementsBe mindful of how headphones are used
Music Keeps Pausing When Headphones Are Plugged InFaulty headphone jack, software issueCheck headphone jack, update software
Phone Keeps Pausing Music With HeadphonesProblem with phone’s audio settings, software glitch, issue with headphonesCheck audio settings, update software, try different headphones
Headphones Pause Music When I Move My HeadHeadphones’ built-in motion sensorsBe mindful of how headphones are used, consider different headphones

How to Stop Headphones From Pausing Music?

Follow the steps given below to Stop Headphones From Pausing Music:

1. Check Your Headphones Jack and Device Audio Port

Check Your Headphones Jack and Device Audio Port to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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If you’re using a wired connection, to connect your headphone to your device. Then the first thing you should do is check your headphone jack and audio port on the device if your wired headphones keep pausing music.

Here you have to take 2 things into account. First, check if the headphone jack or audio port is Worn-out. Secondly, look for any debris, such as lint or dirt on the headphone jack and device audio port.

You may be thinking Why do we want you to make sure the headphone jack is not Worn-out? The reason is that frequent usage, such as plugging and unplugging, can cause damage to the jack and the device port. Which as a result becomes the reason for interrupted audio or loss of connections.

Secondly, cleaning the audio jack and port on the device is also essential. This is because dirt or lint starts to accumulate on the jack and also in the audio port of the device.

Due to this, the jack will not be properly plugged into your device, resulting in music pausing or no sound output.

However, To clean the headphone jack or device audio port, you can use three methods. First, you can wipe inside the audio port and the headphone jack by using the cotton swab which will be dipped in alcohol.

Secondly, spray the audio port and the jack using the compressed air of the blower. Lastly, you can use the soft brush to remove the lint or dirt from the jack and audio port.

Moreover, in the case of a worn-out headphone jack or audio port, you have to replace them. For that, we will recommend you pay a visit to your local electronics store or qualified technician to get the job done for you. 

2. Examine the Headphones or Earbuds for Any Physical Damage

Examine the Headphones or Earbuds for Any Physical Damage to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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If your wireless headphones keep pausing, we suggest you check for any physical damage on your headphones or earbuds that could cause the issue. Physical damage includes damage to touch controls or internal components or buttons.

So, How physical damage interrupted your audio experience?

If the touch control sensor on your wireless headphones is somehow damaged, then the touch control panel will not respond to your input properly which as result causes the music to pause or skip unexpectedly.

Similarly, Malfunctioning buttons of headphones can also cause issues with playback control.

In case of physical damage, we will suggest you to get replace the damaged component of the headphones or earbuds with a qualified technician.

However, if your headphones are still under warranty then contact the manufacturer company for a replacement.

3. Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems of Headphones

Troubleshoot Connectivity Problems of Headphones to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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If your headphones or earbuds keep pausing music, one of the possible reasons will be the poor connectivity between the two devices.

This could be due to headphones or earbuds are not connected properly with Bluetooth-enabled devices or there is any interference between the devices or your headphone being very far away from your device.

The first thing you should do is reconnect your headphone to the device by following the instruction which is specified by the manufacturing company.

Because improper connection can cause audio interruptions between the headphone and the connected device.

If still, your earphones keep pausing music, then check for any obstructions or interfering devices like micro oven or wifi routers between your headphones and the device they’re connected to.

If there are any nearby devices then move to an area with less interference if possible for uninterrupted audio.

Lastly, make sure that your headphones are not too far away from your device. If they are, try bringing it closer and see if the music plays without pausing.

4. Change the Headphone Settings

Change the Headphone Settings to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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Nowadays, headphones and earbuds are equipped with many life-rich features like adaptive sound control, Auto pause, speak-to-chat, ambient sound control, and many more.

Sometimes, these smart features become a root cause of pausing music on the headphone unexpectedly. 

However, if you think your headphones keep pausing music because of these advanced features then turning them OFF or disabling them would solve your problem. 

To turn them OFF, you have to use the respected companion app which is specified by the company for their products. 

Within the app look for appropriate settings for such features and if it is turned ON, then turn it off and see if that solves the problem or not.

Furthermore, many headphones and earbuds now come with Multipoint Connection, which allows your headphones to connect with more than one device simultaneously. 

So if multiple devices are connected to your headphones or earbuds, try to unpair the headphones from some of the devices, and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 

5. Updated the Firmware of Headphone and Earbuds

Updated the Firmware of Headphone and Earbuds to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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Day by day, every manufacturing company releases firmware updates for their products to improve performance and fix bugs. 

However, if your headphones pause the music then it could be due to some kind of software bug. This can be resolved by updating the firmware of your headphone or earbuds.

However, you can check for the available firmware update with the help of the company’s official website or use the companion app. 

Also carefully follow the instruction on how to update your headphones or earbuds, because going wrong while updating the firmware would potentially cause more problems.

6. Managing Applications to Enhance Headphone Performance

update the spotify application to stop My Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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Besides updating the firmware of the headphones, it is also necessary to update streaming applications like Spotify, Amazon music, and so on. 

This is because updating the application to the latest version would fix those bugs which are the main reasons for your headphone’s music pausing. 

However, To update these applications, Open the Apps Store or Play Store and search for the application you want to update.

If the update is available you will see an “Update” button. Simply tap on the button to start the update process.

Moreover, In the background of our smartphones, many unnecessary apps continuously run which might cause a delay in the audio output.

So, to optimize the headphone performance,  it’s recommended to close all the unnecessary apps which were running in the background. To do this, go to the Settings app on your smartphone and tap on the applications manager.

Next, find all those applications that you don’t need at the time and close them by tapping on “Force Stop.”

Hopefully, doing so will able to fix your audio pausing problems with your headphones or earbuds.

7. Charge the Headphone or Earbuds

Charge the Headphone or Earbuds to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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If your wireless headphones or earbuds keep pausing, one of the potential reasons is they might be running low on battery. 

When the headphone or earbuds’ battery is down by a certain percentage, they can keep up the connection. 

This is because there is not enough power to maintain the Bluetooth connection which as a result leads to audio pauses.

If this is the reason for your music pauses, then we suggest fully charging your headphone and earbuds before using them. 

You can charge them by plugging them into a wall charger or using an external battery pack. And in the case of earbuds, put them into their respective charging cases. 

Moreover, we also suggest that to turn off any unnecessary features and settings on your headphones or earbuds that drain the battery faster.

Tips: Also, make the habit of charging the headphones or earbuds after every use. Plus, keep in the mind the battery life of the headphones or earbuds, and charge them before they run out of juice.

8. Check the Device Compatibility

Check the Device Compatibility to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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Each headphone and earbuds manufacturing company specifies the software and hardware requirements for their products in the manual. 

And according to their claims if these requirements don’t match, then you will experience issues such as audio dropping out or music pausing.

So, to check the device compatibility, first, refer to the headphones or earbuds manual, then check the device specifications. For that:

  • Open the device Settings.
  • Look for the option named “About Phone” in Android and in iOS go to the General Settings and then About.
  • Here match the specific requirements that are mentioned by the manufacturing company.

If your device does not meet the requirements then you need to upgrade the device or change the headphone or earbuds to avoid audio pausing.

9. Maintaining a Stable Internet Connection for Music Streaming

Maintain a Stable Internet Connection for Music Streaming to stop your Headphones Keep Pausing My Music?
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Another reason for your music pausing or delaying is your unstable internet connection. 

Nowadays, streaming applications like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, and others use the internet to stream music. And if your internet connection is shaky or unstable then you can experience an interruption in your music.

If you don’t want interruptions while streaming online, you’ll need a stable internet connection. for that,

  • You can switch to a cellular data connection instead of  Wi-Fi.
  • Also, allow enough bandwidth for music applications to support streaming music.

However, If the problem still persists, then you may need to manage the applications as we discussed above for a better listening experience.


It’s important to note that different headphones may have different causes of audio pausing. However, I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent causes and solutions such as low battery, software bugs, Wi-Fi or cellular connection problems, or even headphone jack problems.

So, if your headphones keep pausing, try the solutions mentioned above, and hopefully, that would fix the problem for good.


Why do Bluetooth Headphones Keep Pausing?

There could be a few reasons why your Bluetooth headphones keep pausing. It could be because you’re using an older version of Bluetooth, or because you’re too far away from the Bluetooth device.

It could also be because your phone is low on battery, or because there’s interference from other devices.
If you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, try restarting your phone or the Bluetooth device.

Why are my Earbuds Cutting Out?

There can be a number of reasons why earbuds keep cutting out the audio. It could be an issue with the connection between your device and the earbuds, or there may be a problem with the earbuds themselves.
Or maybe auto-pause features are enabled on your earbuds which automatically pauses the music.

How do I stop my iPhone headphone from pausing?

There are a couple of things that could be causing this issue. One possibility is that the headphones you’re using are not compatible with the iPhone.
Another possibility is that the headphones are not properly inserted into the iPhone’s headphone jack.

Why do my earbuds keep pausing?

There are a lot of reasons why your earbuds might keep pausing while you’re using them. One common issue is that the earbuds might not be fully inserted into your ears, which can cause the earbud’s motion detection to pause your music.

Another common issue is that the battery in your earbuds might be getting low, which can cause audio drops and pauses while you’re listening to your music.

Why do my AirPods pause randomly?

AirPods are one of the best wireless earbuds on the market, offering great sound quality and an easy-to-use design.
Sometimes with advanced features, you may experience problems like random pausing or cutting out audio during your music-listening session.
There could be many reasons why this is happening such as a bad connection, low battery, or poor fit.

Why do my Apple earbuds keep pausing and skipping?

This is a common problem with Apple earbuds and there are several reasons why they keep pausing or skipping during playback. One possible cause is that the headphones are not properly seated in your ears.

Also, the possibility is that the battery in your earbuds is low or completely drained. Furthermore, the firmware in your earbuds might be outdated.
Lastly, the settings on your iPhone or another audio device might be the problem.

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