How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones with Samsung TV?

Samsung smart TVs usually find their best match in a soundbar as their tiny built-in speakers are not well-equipped to deliver the best audio performance. However, you don’t always want to use a soundbar and may prefer to connect your headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid waking up your spouse or housemates with late-night binge-watching, or maybe you just want to get the most immersive experience possible while gaming or watching a movie.

Whatever the reason, connecting your headphones to your Samsung TV is a pretty straightforward process as long as your Samsung TV support Bluetooth.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss how to connect Bluetooth headphones with Samsung TV and explore a few different methods to do so. No matter if you own a Bose, Sonos, Beyerdynamic Headphone, or Apple Airpods, we have got you covered.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones with Samsung TV

Keep in mind that not all Samsung TVs come with Bluetooth support. If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still connect your headphones using a wired connection or a wireless adapter.

To check if your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth, open the Settings menu and look for the Sound output option. If you see the Bluetooth option here, then your TV supports Bluetooth and you can proceed with the following steps.

another thing to keep in mind is that not all Bluetooth headphones are compatible with Samsung TVs, so make sure that your headphones are on the list of compatible devices before proceeding.

Put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode, or make them discoverable before you proceed with this pairing process.

The only tricky part of this process to finding the Bluetooth and Pairing settings on your Samsung TV.

Here is a quick guide to finding the Bluetooth settings on different Samsung TVs models.

On Series R, N, and M Samsung TVs:

  1. Open home menu > select Settings
  2. Go to Sound > scroll down to Sound Output
  3. Select Bluetooth Speakers list.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth and find your Headphones

On Series K Samsung TVs:

  1. Open Settings> Sound and then Expert Settings
  2. Select Wireless Speaker Manager
  3. Next, select Bluetooth Audio Devices

Series J Sound Connect and other Bluetooth Samsung TVs:

  1. Open Menu > Sound
  2. Navigate to Additional Settings
  3. Select TV SoundConnect or Bluetooth Audio whichever appears on the screen

On Series H with or without Samsung SoundConnect

  1. Open MENU
  2. Select Sound and then open Speaker settings
  3. Open TV Soundconnect or TV SoundOutput
  4. Next, Open Bluetooth Headphones (on H Series models without SoundConnect)

The pairing process is pretty straightforward from this point. Your headphone would appear in the list if it is discoverable and in range, and all you need to do is select them, and they would connect automatically.

After your headphones are successfully paired with the Samsung TV, you can adjust the volume from your headphones or the remote control. The audio will be routed through your headphones, and you won’t disturb anyone around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Bose earbuds to Samsung TV?

Connecting your Bose earbuds with a PC or with any Samsung smart TV is very easy and simple all you have to do:
Put your Bose earbuds into pairing mode by holding down the multifunction button for approximately two seconds, when the earbuds are inside the case
Now, open the Bluetooth connectivity settings on your Samsung TV. The setting is usually found in the Sound Output or Speaker Settings menu
From the list of available devices, select your Bose earbuds to connect

How to Connect Apple AirPods to Samsung TV?

To pair Apple earbuds with Samsung TV, follow these steps
Make your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro Discoverable by pressing the button on the casing, a flashing white LED would indicate that they’re in discovery mode.
On your latest Samsung TV, open the Settings menu go to Sound > scroll down, and select Sound output
Enable Bluetooth on the Samsung TV and select the Airpods from the list of available devices.
Keep in mind, that you might have to follow different steps to navigate to ready to pair available devices depending on your TV model and the compatibility of SoundConnect.

Why won’t my Bluetooth Headphones Connect to my Samsung TV?

There can be a few reasons why your Bluetooth headphones won’t connect to Samsung TV.
The first and most obvious reason is that the headphones are not compatible with your TV.
Another reason can be the battery of your headphones. If the battery is low, it might not have enough power to establish a Bluetooth connection.
Also, you can only connect one Bluetooth device at a time. So it might be the case that another Bluetooth device is already connected, and you’re trying to connect your headphones.
Next, there can be interference from other devices in the vicinity that can cause connection issues.
Lastly, the distance between the headphones and the TV can also be a factor. If you’re too far away from the TV, the Bluetooth

How to Connect Sennheiser Wireless Headphones to Samsung TV?

To connect Sennheiser Wireless Headphones to Samsung TV,
Make the Sennheiser headphones discoverable by following the steps given in the user manual
On your Samsung TV, open the Settings menu from the remote and navigate to the Bluetooth Speaker list
Here, identify and select your Sennheiser headphones from the list of available devices

How to Connect Sony Wireless Headphones to Samsung TV?

To pair Sony Wireless Headphones with a Samsung TV,
Put your Sony headphones into pairing mode by holding the POWER button for about 7 seconds. The indicator light should be flashing red and blue
On your Samsung TV, open the Settings menu. Go to Sound and find the Bluetooth settings as explained above.
Enable Bluetooth on the Samsung TV and select your Sony headphones from the list of available devices.
That’s it! You have successfully connected your Sony headphones to the Samsung TV.

Can you Connect Multiple Wireless headphones to Samsung TV?

We can connect multiple wireless headphones to Samsung TVs, but here is a limitation. The Samsung TV must be equipped with Dual Audio Function, a feature only available in smart TVs manufactured from 2022.
You connect one speaker by following the steps given above, and the second speaker by opting for the ‘Multi-connect’ option instead of ‘Connect’.
Unfortunately, at this point, there is no workaround for the older models.


Learning how to connect Bluetooth headphones with a Samsung TV can greatly enhance your viewing experience. This process, which involves accessing the sound settings on your Samsung TV and pairing your Bluetooth headphones, is straightforward and user-friendly.

It allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or music without disturbing others around you. Moreover, it eliminates the need for wires, giving you the freedom to move around while staying connected to your TV.

Whether you’re watching late-night TV shows or enjoying a movie marathon, using Bluetooth headphones with your Samsung TV can provide a more personalized and immersive audio experience.

Always remember to keep your devices within range for a successful connection.